Wellness and Spa

In the extensive spa and wellness area of the DEVA Achentaler Vitalhotel, you will find everything your feel-good heart desires. You can enjoy yourself in our steam bath or unwind in our relaxation zone and get rid of the stress of everyday life.

Our spa area offers you several saunas, a natural cosmetics studio and a wide variety of massages so that you can let yourself be pampered after a vital day.


Classic full body massage

Loosening full-body massage to relieve tension and hardening of the masculature.

Hot Stone Massage

The soothing warmth of the basalt stones loosens your muscles and relaxes you deeply. The intense warmth has a calming effect on the heart, circulation and well-being - which promotes the relaxation process and can alleviate stress-related symptoms such as insomnia. The combination of deep massage and heat can stimulate the lymph flow.

Foot zone massage

Through the targeted massage of the various reflex zones on the foot, your entire body is stimulated and energised. The foot reflexology massage can alleviate a variety of complaints throughout the body. Thus, self-healing powers are activated, the foot massage has a relaxing effect and can alleviate illnesses.


A visit to the sauna has many positive effects for body and soul: the sweat bath strengthens the immune system, prevents colds and increases the body's defences. The alternation of heat and cold exercises blood vessels, heart and circulation. Muscle tensions are loosened. Skin cell renewal is also accelerated and skin ageing reduced.

Because the brain, our most heat-sensitive organ, reduces its activity in the hot sauna, a visit to the sauna reduces stress in a very natural way. The beautiful atmosphere adds to this: sauna is a holiday from everyday life.